Tata Harrier Adventure Plus: Coming to Create Havoc in 2024

Tata Harrier Adventure Plus : Tata Motors has launched a new variant of its popular SUV Harrier, Adventure Plus. This new variant is a great option for those looking for a bold and powerful SUV.

Tata Harrier Adventure Plus: Unique engineering brilliance

The Tata Harrier Adventure Plus model has set a new standard when it comes to communication, safety and luxuriousness. In this version, Tata Motors has added many advanced features to improve the Harrier. This version comes with double RL skido DRL, projector headlamps, 360 degree camera and redesigned design. In this blog we will discuss the advanced features of Harrier Adventure Plus in detail.

Design and size

The Harrier Adventure Plus Edition is a mighty feat of engineering from Tata Motors. In this you get projector headlamps which work automatically on LED.

Moreover, the vehicle looks big and heavy which Tata Motors has used for the first time in its highest priced Harrier. It also has frameless DRLs and side indicators which further enhance it. The doors of the Harrier Adventure Plus are heavily built, adding to its overall look.

When it comes to the size of Tata Motors’ top-spec Harrier, it comes with a length of 4.59 metres, width of 1.7 metres, and height of 1.9 metres. This is a great quality of it in real life. You will find four 18-inch tires on its driver’s side which makes it even more beautiful.

The back profile of Harrier Adventure Plus is also very attractive. In this you will see rear wiper, rear fog lamp and tire tread. These features are different from the regular Harrier and make it even more special.

Security and Performance

Harrier Adventure Plus has high safety and performance features that make it unique. Its quality guarantees high safety and performance for a vehicle worth around Rs 50 lakh. This car is big, stylish and great in performance. In this you will get both 4×4 and 4×2 variants. Tata Motors has provided the highest results by changing the engine, suspension and price of the vehicle.

Cabin and Technology

The cabin of Harrier Adventure Plus is a unique combination of luxury and honest performance. In this you will get a big size touchscreen, leather seats, leather apostle and integrated steering wheel. This car is amazing and of the highest quality. Tata Motors has given it the highest quality features like electric booster, automatic climate control and intelligent digital cluster.


Tata Harrier Adventure Plus is a soaring musical offering that blends luxury and safety. This vehicle comes with high performance, better safety and attractive design. Tata Motors has manufactured it while guaranteeing the highest quality. This car is a good option to buy, especially for those who care about safety, luxury and durability.

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