Sidhu Moose wala Mother gave birth to a son at the age of 58

Sidhu Moosewala’s mother gave birth to a son at the age of 58, this is how it became possible

Two years after the death of Sidhu Moosewala, happiness has returned to his house.

His mother Charankaur has given birth to a son at the age of 58.

Sidhu’s father Balkaur Singh himself has given this information while sharing the child’s picture through social media.

At the age of 58, Charan Kaur became a mother through IVF i.e. in vitro fertilization technique. It is also called test tube baby in common language.

In this technique, eggs are taken out from the woman’s ovary and fertilized in the fallopian tube with the man’s sperm.

This technology has proved to be a boon for those women who cannot conceive a child naturally.

The chances of conceiving for any woman beyond 50 are very less because at this time the period cycle stops in them.

However, women who have crossed the age of 50 are becoming mothers through IVF. For this, their uterus is activated by giving them hormonal injections.

After this age, if a woman wants to become a mother, then she must undergo a complete body checkup and follow the entire process under the supervision of her doctor.

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