You are also preparing for Holi, do not ignore these things

Only a few days are left for Holi. In such a situation, everyone is busy preparing for Holi. Some people might be collecting colours, gulal, thandai, some people might be busy making dishes and some people might be busy in Holi shopping. So that there is no shortage of any kind.

Because the festival of Holi comes once a year, but apart from these, there are some things which we should keep with us while playing Holi and some things should not be worn. Let us know what they are.  

Pay attention to the choice of clothes 

Which is the most important thing while playing Holi. Those are our clothes. It is important to pay special attention to clothes while playing Holi. Do not wear clothes that are too loose or too tight. Choose clothes according to your fitting. If you are wearing white colored clothes then choose it appropriately. 

Play Holi wearing footwear only. 

Often, while playing Holi, we pay attention to our clothes but do not pay attention to the footwear. In such a situation, pay special attention to your footwear. You can choose shoes or slippers. Avoid wearing heels.

Do not forget to wear sunglasses 

As it is often very sunny when we are playing Holi. In such a situation, do not forget to wear sunglasses. Which not only protects you from sunlight but also protects your eyes from colors.

Do not wear dangling gold earrings. 

Avoid wearing dangling earrings while playing Holi. Because many times during Holi, some people apply colors till their ears. In such a situation, the color gets applied to them too and sometimes there is a fear of it getting pulled while playing Holi.

Keep mobile and wrist watch away. 

Avoid carrying mobile and wrist watch during Holi. Because there is a fear of them breaking. Instead, you can keep a sling bag with you. Due to which your things will remain safe.

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