Be careful of 5 ChatGPT Scams, you too will become poor

As technology is progressing, hackers are using new ways to ChatGPT Scams. You must have heard the name of ChatGPT. If you make a small mistake, lakhs of rupees can be emptied from your account and you can also become poor. Money can be deducted from your account in the blink of an eye.

Today we are going to give you detailed information about 5 ChatGPT Scams through this article. If you use mobile, then this article is going to be important for you. After reading our information completely, you may be saved from getting cheated.


5 ChatGPT Scams, which shook even Google

About a year ago, an AI software named ChatGPT was launched. This software was created to make it easier for people to work as content creators, video editors, voice over artists and on other digital platforms.

But this ChatGPT software is being misused. Through this software, hackers are emptying people’s accounts. This can happen with you too. That’s why you should be careful. We are telling you 5 ChatGPT Scams, through which hackers are committing fraud.

ChatGPT Scam 1) Misleading investment advice

Nowadays, there are many share markets and other platforms where you can earn lakhs of rupees a day by investing online. Hackers are taking advantage of this very thing.

With the help of ChatGPT, he makes some offers for you like fake investment policy and doubling your money in a day and he creates and shares messages on social media through ChatGPT.

People fall into the trap of hackers in their quest to earn quick money. Such cases of fraud have come to light many times using ChatGPT. People have been cheated worth lakhs of crores.

ChatGPT Scam 2) Online Shopping Scam

Nowadays it is the era of online. People prefer online shopping rather than going to the market. If you also do online shopping, then be careful.

Through ChatGPT, hackers create fake online shopping websites or fake online shopping links, by clicking on which you can easily lose lakhs of rupees.

Hackers claim to give better offers in the name of online shopping and as soon as you buy some goods, you make the payment. But the goods will not reach you.

If you do online shopping, be careful. It may happen that you too get cheated in the name of shopping.

ChatGPT Scam3) Phishing Scam


ChatGPT is such a software, whatever command you give, it will give you the result. By using ChatGPT, hackers create such a message that you immediately fall into the trap.

Such a link is prepared by the hackers through ChatGPT, if you click on the link, the data of your phone will reach the hackers and using that data, anyone can easily withdraw money from your account.

ChatGPT Scam 4) Tech Support Scam

Actually, you will be contacted first by hackers using ChatGPT AI software. After contacting you, you will be advised to install some applications in your mobile phone or laptop.

It is possible that hackers may ask you whether there is any technical issue in your mobile or whether you are facing any problem while using any application. Many times there is a real problem with the customer and he informs the hackers.

In the name of downloading applications or solving technical problems, hackers extract all the important information from the customer’s account and then use that information to cheat lakhs of rupees.

ChatGPT Scam 5) Fake Customer Support

Actually, hackers use ChatGPT to contact you by creating fake customer support. ChatGPT is used to contact. So that you don’t have any doubts at all.
By creating customer support, hackers get information related to your account, personal information and other information and then using this information they can cheat you of lakhs.

5 How to Avoid ChatGPT Scams?

If you want to avoid 5 ChatGPT Scams, we would advise you not to click on any unknown links. Do not share your bank related or personal information with anyone. If you receive a call in the name of customer support, do not provide information.

Do not download any kind of application in your phone about which you are not aware. If you want to do online shopping, then buy goods only from famous websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

If you take some precautions, you too can be saved from getting scammed. Share this information with as many people as possible so that they can also protect themselves and their families from 5 ChatGPT Scams.

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